Classroom Libraries

We are looking to build our classroom libraries to specifically support the Reading and Writing Units of Study used in our classrooms for literacy instruction. Our goal is to support growth in reading and writing by giving students access to high-quality and high-interest fiction and nonfiction. This aligns with our district Strategic Plan’s objective to provide a consistent and rigorous curriculum to all of our students. 

These books are not replacing the book collections that teachers currently have but will supplement the Units of Study instruction during the literacy block. These collections have been curated by literacy experts to support workshop literacy instruction and will contain a number of books that differ from the collections currently in classroom libraries. 

These classroom libraries have been: 
  • Curated by the entire staff of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project combined with other reading and literature experts, teachers, librarians, and children
  • The books address diversity and are high quality and high interest.
  • When evaluating fiction, they ranked books based on criteria such as whether they supported readers in “rich interpretation, craft, and character work” and inspire them to read up a storm.
  • When evaluating nonfiction books, they used a review sheet ranking the extent to which a particular book supported students in “sustained reading to learn.” 
  • Books will be used to provide Professional Development for teachers in strategies and methods to increase student learning and engagement. 
  • Books will be used to increase the volume of reading and the number of books needed when kids can read with greater stamina and greater volume. 

How You Can Help

Shelves range in price from grade to grade and shelf to shelf 
  • Average price for full shelf $500
  • Average price for half a shelf is $250
  • Quarter shelf  $125 
  • Any amount 
You can donate using the form on the right. You can donate in your name, in honor of a teacher, grade, or school, or anonymously. All donations will be posted on our Dedications Page. 

Donations will be translated into bookshelves at the end of each trimester. 

“The books have beautiful illustrations. They have a mix of drawings and actual photographs.  It is a wonderful mixture of fiction and nonfiction books.”   - Lisa Mullane, Kindergarten


When we received the boxes of books in our classroom we opened a box a day. Every day when we opened a new box the kids were cheering with joy. They were so excited to see what was in each box. They love finding new books in the library it truly brings them joy. The students feel like their reading is so important because people went out of their way to buy these books for them. It truly means a lot!!  Thank you!” - Justina Padovani, Grade 2 teacher