"I absolutely love the access to the classroom library! It is such a great asset when teaching the units to the students. Having the access to the materials right at our fingertips has made learning so much more fun for the students. 

The kids get so excited to see the new books come out, and are much more invested in their reading and their work when they are picking the books that interest them, at their level, based on the topics we are learning. 

I am so appreciative to have such an amazing resource in my classroom to enhance my teaching and student learning."

- Colleen Halbach, Grade 3 Teacher

Q: Why are we asking parents to help fund curriculum needs? 
A: The district is adopting the Reading Units of Study. This will be a gradual rollout over the next few years, starting with a soft rollout in Kindergarten next year. The district has committed to purchase these book collections for every one of the Kindergarten classes next year. The cost for the collection for each Kindergarten class is $4600. 

The cost for grade 1-5 collections are as follows: 
  • Grade 1: $4200
  • Grade 2: $3800
  • Grade 3: $3500 
  • Grade 4: $5200
  • Grade 5: $5700
Example Shelves
As with the “Model Classroom” Initiative, we are hoping to accelerate the process of building these book collections in each classroom, through donations. The district will continue to work to provide these books, however, it will be a much longer process. 

Q: How do the Reading Units of Study connect with the Writing Units of Study? 
A: Both the Reading Units of Study and the Writing Units of Study use the workshop model.  Lessons are structured the same way in each Unit of Study and include a Link/Connection, Teaching Point, Active Engagement, Independent Practice and a Share. The reading and writing units intersect with each other purposefully to support student learning. For example, when reading non fiction texts students are writing non fiction pieces. Students can rely on what they learn in one unit to support their learning in the other unit. 

Q: Why is my child's teacher not using the Reading Units of Study to teach reading? 
A: The North Andover Public Schools has significantly changed our elementary curriculum over the last three years with new curriculum in Writing, Primary Literacy, Math and now Reading. Some teachers need time to become more familiar and solid with the new curriculum resources they already have before moving into the new reading resources. However, all teachers, K-5, are able to get the units if they feel they want to get started. In addition, given the cost we are unable to provide libraries to all classrooms within a single budget year.  As a result, we plan to rollout the Reading Units of Study using a multi-year approach.  As we have discussed, you can help accelerate this rollout through your donation
Q: What do the Reading Units of Study look like? 
A: The Reading Units of Study come in kits for each grade level. The kits provide specific strategies and teaching points for each unit in the kit. See some series components here.

Q: How will we know how much money has been donated and how the money was spent?
A: At the close of each trimester the donations will be calculated and the Literacy Team will determine what shelf to purchase at what grade and what school  This information will then be posted on our dedication page. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Lorene Marx and we will add them to the FAQ’s.