Thank You

Thank you for your generous donation to our Classroom Libraries Initiative!

The books have helped me build excitement for each new unit I teach because I have the resources now to teach the units of study. The kids were buzzing the room with excitement the first week the new books were added to the library. The kids have more choices and are not fighting over favorite selections like the Mercy Watson Series. One boy who was a reluctant reader, who spent reading workshop trying to take walks to the bathroom, was thrilled to find a new book called Leroy Ninker which is a character from the Mercy Watson books.

"Look this is the character from Mercy!"

"I can't wait to read this one!"

Now the second grade students are studying nonfiction texts and loving all the new topics they have to read about. Thank you for investing in the students of North Andover.

- Nicole Radulski, Grade 2 Teacher