Model Classroom Initiative

We are currently raising funds for The Model Classroom Initiative. This is a joint effort between NAPS, NAFE and the PTOs to ensure that all classrooms have the basic technology needed to support learning in the 21st century.  Our joint Model Classroom Initiative is part of our district's overall vision to provide the tools, training, curriculum, personnel and infrastructure necessary to augment and enhance teaching and learning, and support student achievement. This will ensure that all of our core academic classrooms are outfitted with a mounted projector and speakers, a document camera, and wireless technology by September 2017.
            Total Cost Per Classroom - $1900
    • Projector/Install - $1665
    • Speakers - $100
    • Document Camera - $100
    • Google Chromecast - $35

The Model Classroom initiative is just one piece of a much larger district plan, as outlined in the executive summary of the School Committee Approved FY17 Budget.  Over the next 2 years, the goal is to equip each classroom in every building with the following technology:
  • Ultra Short Throw Mounted Projector and Speakers - These enable teachers to project information directly from a computer onto a whiteboard to execute a lesson - whether it be writing on a projected worksheet so that students can see exactly how to do an assignment or playing a video clip that pertains to a science or social studies topic.
  • Document Camera - This item, in combination with the projector, allows for information to be shown in large scale for everyone to see.  Placed on a table top, it gives teachers and students the ability to demonstrate hands on concepts, which everyone can view at the same time.
  • Google Chromecast - Chromecast enables teachers to project from a computer anywhere in the classroom wirelessly, creating a more functional, less restrictive classroom.
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